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Today, , is a great day to create optimum physical and mental health and great looks by choosing raw and living foods as a large part of your diet. Here is information on how important the spiritual aspects of healing are as an important adjunct to the raw and living food diet and lifestyle.


There is more to healing and health than food. Above it all, trumping everything, there is Spirit: Love, Compassion, Forgiveness... and Taking 100% Responsibility for Your Health and Your Life. Claim your life by declaring who you are and who you CHOOSE to be!

Man does not live by bread alone. We are all spiritual beings living in material bodies. It's very important to take the best possible care of our bodies in order that we attain the health and the clarity to truly experience ourselves as spiritual beings.

One person who epitomizes the blending of the raw diet combined with spiritual practices is Lou Corona. Here are some of his most important videos, which if you take them to heart, will bring you to the kind of health and emotional well-being which Lou expresses so well.

"If you so show me the way, I will do my best to pass on this knowledge as long as I'm on this planet" -- Lou Corona's powerful declaration.

Lou Corona who was born August 25, 1951, is 60 years old in the photo to the left. Here's what his website says:

"Thirty-nine years ago at the age of twenty one, Lou was suffering from a multitude of illnesses ranging from asthma to a huge tumor. He came to a place where he was able to heal himself of:

  • Chronic Asthma
  • Severe Allergies
  • Major Constipation
  • Candida
  • Debilitating Arthritis
  • A Tumor
  • and Severe Acne
"Lou undoubtedly defied the odds as he was spiritually guided to FOUR BASIC PRINCIPLES OF LIFE during his near-death experience. After getting this massive wake-up call he was shown by a very masterful individual  how to implement these simple yet profound teachings into his life – and make sense of it all. After six months of personal coaching and mentoring with this man everything from the tumor to the constipation was gone.  Ever since that miraculous healing and life-transforming experience Lou has been living a radiant and healthy lifestyle empowering, inspiring and educating others about these Essential Principles of Life."

Below is a video of a 20 minute interview with Lou where he talks about his early experiences in healing after meeting a 'very masterful individual'. You will actually experience with Lou the profoundly healing gratitude he feels for the knowledge and healing he has been given. CLICK HERE to see more of Lou's videos and read his "Four Universal Principles of Life"

Once you've viewed and understood the 'Four Universal Principles of Life', you are invited CLICK HERE to take it one step further... and create your own "Declaration for Life" which will serve to guide you into becoming your 'optimum human being'

John Kohler of attributes much of his healing to a 'higher power'... and raw food. He's committed his life to serving others.


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Hallelujah Acres

The Hallelujah diet:
"... Genesis 1:29 is God’s original diet for mankind—a plant-based diet of primarily raw foods (85% raw foods, 15% cooked) that is packed with living enzyme. Enzymes are the life force that enables the body to regenerate its living cells at a stable or improved state..."

" Although it’s common, it’s not normal to be sick. It was God’s great design for our bodies to be healthy. But every day, toxins, free-radicals, artificial additives, pesticides and preservatives enter our body from the foods we eat. This depletes, malforms and negatively affects healthy cells, which multiply and become disease.

"By sharing God’s original nutritional plan in Genesis 1:29, the information and vast knowledge we’ve gained with others, we can help you restore, rebuild, and transform your self-healing body!
What We Offer

"Hallelujah Acres is a non-denominational Christian organization dedicated to helping others discover that by simply changing their diet, they can be symptom-free of most diseases and many other health-related conditions.

"It is our mission to help people everywhere experience vibrant health by empowering the self-healing body God created with a diet and lifestyle as described in the book of Genesis, while ministering a closer walk with Him...."

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