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Today, , is a great day to create optimum physical and mental health and great looks by choosing raw and living foods as a large part of your diet. Here is easy access to the raw and living food diet and lifestyle and achieving optimum dental health.


Achieving Optimum Dental Health Naturally by Adopting the Raw and Living Food Diet and Lifestyle

Optimum health, a goal of most raw foodists, is not possible without optimum dental health as well.  We have assembled some resources to help you become more discerning in your dental practices... and to help answer the questions which often arise concerning teeth.

Dental Danger: Silver Mercury Fillings  "The book THE END OF CANCER* ... contains a whole chapter concerning the dangers of amalgam fillings. They state that many European researchers now believe that the highly toxic materials used in dentistry are an important, if not the most important, reason for the cancer epidemic of modern times. They also believe that close to ninety percent of the time, multiple sclerosis is caused by toxic materials placed in patients' teeth. They also state that some of the leading holistic doctors in Germany refuse to treat patients who have amalgams in their teeth, as they know that no treatment can ever be fully effective unless the toxic fillings are removed...."

*Learn how to kill parasites in your body that can cause cancer! Dr. John Lubecki and Charlotte Dubois explain how new discoveries made by European holistic researchers have brought final victory over cancer within our reach.

Healing Your Teeth Naturally... without Dentists Recommends, among other things, using wild oregano oil. 

Huggins Protocol for removing amalgam fillings. 

Root Canal Treatment: Is There a Coverup?

Root Canals Pose Health Threat - An Interview with George Meinig, D.D.S.

Dentists: Associations

Dentists, Dental Groups, Dental Screening  Worldwide, but many UK sources

Preventive Dental Health Association

Dentists: Individual

John L. Tate DDS, Spartanburg, SC.  Dr. Tate was healed of Prostate Cancer using William D. Kelley, DDS's protocol... which as a focus on raw foods and enzymes.  He has had a mercury-free practice since 1984. Dr. Tate recommends Beta Glucan supplements before and after oral surgery, accompanied by raw fruit and vegetable juices. 

See Health and Healing for information about Beta Glucan supplements.

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